24 October 2012 0 Comments

I’m back

Welcome (Sound Guy puts on introduction music.) Hi today we are going to talk about knitting projects for people, starting and finishing projects, and my favorite blocking. Knitting for People When knitting for people it is important to think of the person you are knitting for. Some people just don’t take hand knitted projects seriously. [...]

2 June 2012 0 Comments

I want; I give

Welcome Lately, I have been knitting. Now people want what I want–my finished project. That there is the problem. I made this cute little bookmark and two people have suggested that I give it to them. My mom just plan took and said, “This is so cute thank you.” She then realized it wasn’t for [...]

28 April 2012 0 Comments

Improving knitting skill set

Intro (Sound guy puts on intro music. He looks at me and nods.) Hi and welcome to the blog. Improving skill set idea came from a ravelry group called, “The Blog Hub”. My knitting story (Sound Guy puts on The Eye of The Tiger  By Souvivor *Disclaimer we don’t own any of the song*) Sophomore [...]

6 April 2012 0 Comments

I’m Back and knitting

Welcome (Sound Guy puts on welcoming music on) Hello and welcome to the blog. I hope all is going well. Projects, behaving, yarns are doing what they are supposed to do, and no cursing at patterns. Of course I am normally over thinking the pattern, which is  a bad thing. I have finish projects to [...]

19 December 2011 11 Comments

Charity knits podcast

Podcast Click the link –>Charity Knits Show Notes Calendar of Hope To buy a calendar  or for more information visit www.fitterknitter.com About the group that the calendar is going to visit  www.armyofwomen.com Prayer Shawl I am making a triangle shawl. More to come… Bye and I hoped you enjoyed today’s show.

30 November 2011 111 Comments

Knitting Interview

Welcome (Sound guy puts on introduction music) Hi and welcome to my blog. Today there is something special in this blog. (Sound Guy whispers *Look to the title for spoiler alert*). You are going to have to read the blog to see what so special about today. WIPs (Sound Guy said, *Works in Progress*)  I [...]

25 November 2011 9 Comments

Shrug it off

Welcome (Sound guy puts on intro music) Hello and welcome to the blog. This post I will share with you some of the things I am planning on knitting and my first ever knitted shrug. The Shrug  I have been working on a shrug now for almost three weeks. There was some math that had [...]

6 November 2011 11 Comments

What a weekend

5 K I did the Hot Chocolate 5 K. 32,000 people where running. 32, 000! (suspense music) Some were running the 15 K something I don’t even want to think. Maybe if it was walking the 15 K, but not running it. There was a time when I wished for my knitting. Yes, really wanted [...]

3 November 2011 9 Comments

Found a pattern

Found my next knit (Clap)  I am going to knit textured squares mohair shawl. You can find the pattern in Knitted Shawls, Stoles, & Scarves, by Nancie M. Wiseman. The pattern calls for cast-on different section, and a  bind off I have never done. This is an easy knit, or it is suppose to be one. [...]

2 November 2011 3 Comments

The NaBloPoMO

I am going to do it Instead of writing 50,000 words in an attempt to write a novel. This November it is blogging for a month. That is right! Posting a post once a day through the month of November. Next week I probably will think about doing the knitting 50,000 stitches in November. I [...]